Fatma Sahem

Expressive Type & Ampersand

In this project I had to create expressive word combination and link them with an ampersand.

First I started sketching and exploring different ampersand and then started to create my own ampersands that will convey the word paring I thought of.

As much as I enjoyed the process I also found it quite challenging. But when I would get stuck on what to draw next I would go and search for different ampersands to get inspired.

Choosing a word paring had to be linked to the ampersand I designed before, so I had to keep in mind the words I wanted to work with while creating the ampersands.

Honestly I find it very hard for me to draw or write in different typefaces, I don’t know why but my original “hand writing” comes out every time, and I found that quite annoying.. but I tried.

“Hopes & Dreams” was my final word paring and ampersand, I don’t know why I choose that word paring to be honest because when I start working and drawing I don’t think much, but after that I realized that the ampersand looks like an awareness ribbon, which kind of links which the words I choose.

I really enjoyed this project and learned a lot of things, I never knew that an ampersand has so many variations and can be used in so many different things.

Ampersand exploration

20130325-195511.jpg 20130325-195517.jpg




Word paring (Rock & Roll) exploration

20130325-195557.jpg 20130325-195606.jpg 20130325-195615.jpg

20130325-195634.jpg 20130325-195648.jpg 20130325-195630.jpg

Word paring (Coffee & Tea) exploration

20130325-195625.jpg 20130325-195601.jpg 20130325-195652.jpg

20130325-195621.jpg 20130325-195656.jpg 20130325-195722.jpg

Word paring (Hopes & Dreams) exploration

20130325-195700.jpg 20130325-195705.jpg 20130325-195717.jpg

Chosen word paring

20130325-145942.jpg 20130325-145948.jpg


hopes and dreams


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This entry was posted on March 25, 2013 by in typography.
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