Fatma Sahem

Typography – Dubai Typography Poster

In this part of the project I had to explore Dubai and show different aspects of it, my word pairs that I had to think of were “Playful and Professional”

Dubai is a vibrant city where you can find something from all over the world, it’s a global city and it’s a very dynamic business center. As much as Dubai is entertaining it is professional, it has the world’s best attractions and it has the world’s best business areas. Dubai is also always in constant change and very open minded to new ideas. While the modern Dubai is very famous, we always see aspects of the old Dubai here and there, the history of Dubai may not be so visible everywhere but it’s always in our heart.

After exploring Dubai and taking pictures, I saw some aspects of Dubai that I overlook sometimes. I can see how the population of foreigners in Dubai is more than the population of locals. Also I started to see the places in Dubai and who uses them, for example a lot of business meetings can happen sometimes in a mall, so a mall in not only for entertainment it can be a professional place too.

here are some playful aspects I found around the city,

20130422-200427.jpg 20130422-200406.jpg 20130422-200433.jpg 20130422-200438.jpg

20130422-200416.jpg 20130422-200345.jpg 20130422-200328.jpg 20130422-200422.jpg20130422-200411.jpg

Here are some Professional aspects I found,

20130422-200231.jpg 20130422-200305.jpg

20130422-200311.jpg 20130422-200449.jpg 20130422-200443.jpg

20130422-200400.jpg 20130422-200244.jpg 20130422-200237.jpg 20130422-200323.jpg

I had to design a poster for Dubai inspired by two word pairs, the word pairs I had to work with were (Playful and Professional)

I thought of Dubai as a different city by day and night, and this is what I wanted to show in this poster.

I choose to make two posters showing each side of Dubai.

Also I tried to vary the typeface to show the aspects of Dubai.

typography_Page_1   typography_Page_2

After a lot of feedback i finally got the best result!!


121313131_Page_1   121313131_Page_2


tell me what you think? 😉


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