Fatma Sahem

GemVasion – Game Board

GemVasion – is a family board game, that depends on luck and strategy.

I started first with another idea on my mind for the game, I wanted to design the pieces according to the main elements, Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. So I did a lot of symbol studies for each element and I tried to make my own symbols. I had the same idea of the board, the pieces and the rules as the final game.

After trying the symbols on the pieces I changed my mind and I tried to make it more simple by making gems with different colors, then I started by making the board which the pieces fit in. Then I moved to designing the Logo which will go on the box and the cards as well. I added the Gems in logo and made them a part of it, also coming up with the games name was a bit tricky. GemVasion (Gem Invasion) was my final choice after many funny and stupid names. The arabic name is (غزو الجواهر) which translate to (the invasion of the gems) because it doesn’t make sense in Arabic to have a merged name like english.

The most challenging thing in this project was making sure everything is well printed and mounted, and most importantly fit together. I kept thinking all the time on how to make the board of the game with the materials I had, I didn’t have strong paper and also folding the board was tricky. It took a whole day to finish cutting all the pieces and the card.

Also because I didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t make sure that the box fit perfectly, because i feel its too big for the pieces inside it.

My games audience are English and Arabic readers, also kids can play this game with adults supervision.

After finishing the game I played it with my family and they loved it, they gave me a lot of positive feedback.

The game  should be played by 5 players.


– Each player will have a set of pieces with the same color.

– The playing cards should be facing downwards.

– Each player draws a card, and follows the instructions on the card.

– players will place their pieces on the board accordingly.

– Points are collected at the end of the game, when the board is filled.

Initial sketches:

photo copy 6  photo copy 8   photo copy 7

The playing pieces:


The playing cards varations


Logo variation


The board- and few rules.


After editing and working more on the design here is the finalized pieces.

The board:


The playing cards:



game_Page_01 game_Page_08

The playing pieces:


Instructions paper:

game_Page_10 game_Page_11






(I made a small mistake by writing 4 players, while its 5 players)

Process pictures:

photo copy 2 photo copy 5 photo copy

photo copy 3 photo copy 4

Final Shots:

photo photo copyphoto copy 6 photo copy 3photo copy 2 photo copy 2 photo copy 3 photo copy 4 photo copy 5 photo copy 6 photo copy photophoto copy 4photo copy 5

I really enjoyed this project , and I can say without hesitating that this was my favorite project ever within the graphic design field !!

I’m so glad it turned out the way I expected it to be and hope one day it will be a real board game!!


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