Fatma Sahem

Typography – Accordion fold booklet

In this project I had to design an accordion fold booklet using typography, the text had to be a conversation or a dialog between 2 people.

I choose a song from the movie Sweeney Todd, the song is a dialog between Sweeney todd and Mrs. Lovett. I choose a typeface called “Dali”. I decided after trying many different typefaces for both characters to use one typeface for both but use different colors for each. The red words are Sweeney Todd’s and the white ones are Mrs.Lovett’s, in the song Todd’s voice is more dominant and clear while Mrs.Lovett’s voice is in the background and low. There are some parts where both their voices say the same words, and I emphasized that by using larger words.

Booklet cover (draft)
Fatma Sahem - booklet - new_Page_3

Front (draft)

Fatma Sahem - booklet - new_Page_1

Back (draft)

Fatma Sahem - booklet - new_Page_2

Booklet (draft)

photo copy 2

photo copy


Booklet cover









Final result



photo copy 2

photo copy 3

photo copy 8

photo copy copy

There were many challenges with this project but each one taught me a new thing, I’m not really very good in using typography but I tried my best and I tried to make the best translation of the song. I used many typefaces till I reached the one that I think fits the characters best. I tried to make a long accordion because I had to work with a longer text, but I liked how it looks better than other shapes. I made the text flow through the pages because what I’m doing is a song and you would expect things to be connected and linked, so I totally ignored the folds because i didn’t want them to restrict me from showing that. I got the idea of the accordion connected to a book cover randomly and I made it randomly also, but surprisingly it works and fit perfectly. Also because of my love for illustrations I couldn’t help but add a cover and an illustration. Printing and aligning things took a lot of time, but I really liked working on this project and had many happy and sad moments with it.


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