Fatma Sahem

Cultural Connection Poster Design

which is CULTURAL CONNECTION AND EXCHANGE.   In this project we have to share each others’ cultural beauty/strength, issues/challenges, and similarity/difference and we have to identify 2-3 strong perceptions to show in the poster I will be designing.
So after contacting a student from Kent university and asking him about his hometown. I started to draw out some similarities and differences but I wanted to focus more on the similarities in both of our cultures.
I started by doing a mind map to get all my ideas out,
Then I moved to designing my posters, here are the first posters I did.
camel coffee_Page_1
I wanted to create a poster that have a strong impact on the viewer, because i wanted to show the connection and the similarities, so I used the overlapping and overlaying effect on both of the objects.
then I refined them more,
coffee_Page_2 coffee_Page_4 coffee_Page_5
I found plenty of good inspiration on the internet so I wanted to share them here as well,
4ade36fba5aa95001fd30d375a5495df a27e887717a56f4e6caa46d9e622b31e d8c7578a49fb20ec46565fa44f83bcb3
 I got a lot of good feedback in class and I tired to make my posters have a stronger message. so I added typography with the same style of overlapping.
I also choose the colors carefully, if you notice the colors of the animals reflect the environment in the cool color and the warm color.
After experimenting I developed even more,
coffee_Page_2 coffee_Page_3
FatmaSahem_ProjectC-12 FatmaSahem_ProjectC-13
FatmaSahem_ProjectC-03 FatmaSahem_ProjectC-04
Other cultural connections:
 postcard 2 postcardpasta
postcard  postcardtower

One comment on “Cultural Connection Poster Design

  1. Johnc301
    August 4, 2014

    This design is incredible! You obviously know how to keep a reader amused. kcefdedbkbef

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