Fatma Sahem

Dubai City branding

Project B-1

Final symbols

Started this project with symbol studies and sketches, first started with choosing a fruit then making 40 variations of it. Here are the results:

strawberry 1 strawberry 2 strawberry 3


Symbol exploration


Then I started Working on the main project which is Dubai City Branding.

Project Brief:

In this project I branded Dubai as a fast dynamic moving figure, I got inspiration from the horse and the horse’s characteristics that can relate to Dubai’s characteristics also. My logo was also inspired by calligraphy. I created a logo with the word “Dubai” in Arabic, but I made it more abstract and not so literal. My tag line is inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s words, when he always says he want Dubai to be the best and the first in everything.

Case Study:

Saint Petersburg is Russia’s Window to the World. In Saint Petersburg logo, the desginer used one of Saint Petersburg’s main landmarks, which represent the religious importance of this city. they used the fire to represent the historical importance also.


ABU DHABI  Abu Dhabi’s logo reflects the tradition and the culture of the city. They used an icon of the Dhow sail which shows the history of Abu Dhabi whichi involved sailing and pearling. The typeface used is united and clear, but yet different.


Background History:

Dubai is a vibrant city where you can find something from all over the world, it’s a global city and it’s a very dynamic business center. As much as Dubai is entertaining it is professional, it has the world’s best attractions and it has the world’s best business areas. Dubai is also always in constant change and very open minded to new ideas. While the modern Dubai is very famous, we always see aspects of the old Dubai here and there, the history of Dubai may not be so visible everywhere but it’s always in our heart.

Site Research:


Mind mapping:




Idea/ Concept:

My idea was to create a logo inspired by the arabian horse, I wanted to capture the beauty, strength, power and speed of the horse, and all those keywords remind me of Dubai as well. Also Duabi is very famous for it’s stong horses. My tag line is inspired by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s words, when he always says he want Dubai to be the best and the first in everything. So my tagline is “A new horizon”.


strong          beautiful         loyal                 spirit              fast              dynamic          powerful



Typography exploration:

SABON ROMAN it is strong font that captures the energy of Duabi, I used this in the logo and it always should be used in capital letters.  The serifs and bold strokes give it a iconic feel that works well with the Dubai’s elements of strength.ProjectB_boardtemplate-09

GILLS SANS Gill Sans is a sans-serif that reflects the modirinaty of Dubai, this typeface is for the use of the logo on softwears.




Logo colored:







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