Fatma Sahem

Typeface Narrative

photo 1 photo 3

This typeface is a bilingual Sans Serif typeface, which is going to be used for headlines and design purposes. It has good legibility but I think is better used for headlines. This typeface will be seen in logos or business cards, and anyone who has a creative career can use it for their projects. It’s has a modern feel because of the curvy corners and the straight horizontal and vertical lines with consistent thickness. I also integrated the dots in some Latin letters to link the Arabic and the Latin together. The dots are not going to make the Latin letter look Arabic,  but they’re there to add a creative touch that links the two languages and make them unified. The proportions of the letter in both Arabic and Latin are not consistent because each language has different grid rules and they should be respected.

My typeface is kinda similar in some aspects to the typeface DUNN



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This entry was posted on September 25, 2013 by in typography II.
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